5 Google Glass App Ideas That Should Get Developed

Whether you think it’s silly or amazing, Google Glass is on its way to the market soon. An official date hasn’t been announced, but it’s believed that the augmented reality glasses will be available for purchase sometime next year. A few consumers  were selected and have already received a pair of the Google Glass Explorer Edition glasses, and Google announced last month that a Google Glass App Store will launch in 2014, unofficially giving developers the go ahead to get brainstorming.

We went to Full Sail’s Mobile Development department and asked faculty members for their Google Glass App ideas, all of which we think sound pretty awesome. Check them out below, and check out FullSail.edu to learn more about Full Sail’s Mobile Development Bachelor of Science degree program.

Play virtual paintball. “This app could be realized in many different forms, but ultimately would recognize hand gestures to allow you to “shoot” paintballs at other people.  Other players with glass would be able to join a game in a community at will and utilize proximity (GPS) alerts to let people know when someone else was in the area and have mini games where you would try and “tag” the other person before they could tag you.” – Josh Donlan, Mobile Development Department Chair

Wear a silly hat. “The app detects human faces via the camera and then displays randomly generated hats on the heads of people you meet.” – Bear Trickey, Mobile Business and Marketing Course Director

Organize a baseball card collection. “My fiance has a huge collection of baseball cards that she’s only recently tried to organize and catalog. My idea is to have a Glass app that uses the camera in Glass to identify baseball cards [when you look at them]  and add the card to a collection online. As part of the idea with looking up cards by image, this could also be useful to people buying cards at shops or flea markets. Say you find a card that you want but you don’t know what it’s worth so you don’t know if the price is fair.  If you pull out your phone to look up the value, the person you’re buying from could either be offended or change the price if they see what it’s actually worth. If you had Glass, you could easily look up the card based on the image and get a price quote from Beckett in your display without ever having to tip your hand to the seller.” – Michael Celey, Mobile Game Design Course Director

See a professor’s notes virtually during a lecture. “If you’re an instructor and your student was wearing the glasses, they could see you and see your notes through the side while you’re giving the lecture. Then they’d be able to download the notes later. This way you can keep an eye on the professor and see the notes at the same time. Almost like an alternative overhead projectors.” – Gyasi Story, Java Programming I Course Director

Make everyone look like they’re a character from The Terminator. “An app that gives you the HUD from a Terminator movie. It randomly outlines the people you meet and displays scrambled text everywhere.” – Bear Trickey, Mobile Business and Marketing Course Director



3 thoughts on “5 Google Glass App Ideas That Should Get Developed

  1. Avatar Jihyung Kim says:

    Great! I really want to get it! It will be revolution after release! I believe that a lot of industry will be changed!

  2. Avatar Danny says:

    I do love the idea of this.. and no doubt copycat companies will follow.

    The thing is I admire Google for their innovation, but I’m not sure exactly what they are as a company. Search engine? App company? Both?

    No doubt there will be issues that will arise, people using them driving for example or operating machinery that could be dangerous! God knows what would happen if people were to wear them whilst under the influence!

  3. Avatar Hannah says:

    I didn’t realize they weren’t I saw a guy wearing them just last week

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