3D Arts Visual FX Highlights from April-June 2012 [Video]

3D Arts Visual FX Demo Reel Highlights from October–December 2012 [Video]

In the Visual Effects course, Computer Animation and Game Art students learn how to use computer-generated effects to recreate nature and add realism to an animated scene. Check out some Visual FX-focused demo reel work in the showcase below from recent graduates Trevor Laird, William Bingham, Timothy Drennan, Shae Lepere, Andrew Petersen, Luke Regan, Breanna Lane, Daniel Smith, and Morgan Snight.



2 thoughts on “3D Arts Visual FX Highlights from April-June 2012 [Video]

  1. Avatar Heinzaraque1 says:

    Full Sail students are amazing. They can create pretty much everything, also Full Sail game arts program is great. I want to study animation, so probably I will make some cool demo reel too. Good luck to you guys.

    1. Avatar Luis Mesa says:

      Yeah full sail is great! I would like to see what can you do in study animation =)

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