3D Arts Compositing Demo Reel Highlights from April-June 2012 [Video]

3D Arts Visual FX Demo Reel Highlights from October–December 2012 [Video]

Every month, Computer Animation and Game Art students present their demo reels right before graduation. Each student typically specializes in a different aspect of computer animation, like environment art, compositing, and character animation.

Our YouTube team put together a compilation of demo reel highlights from 3D Arts presentations between April and June, with a concentration on Compositing, which is the integration of computer-generated elements with real-world footage. Check out work below from recent grads Mateo Abondano, Javier Fernandez, Joshua Gluck, Cameron Sorgi, Tyler Halle, Jacob Shroades, and Steven Wade.



3 thoughts on “3D Arts Compositing Demo Reel Highlights from April-June 2012 [Video]

  1. Avatar Joshua Gluck says:

    Firstly, thanks for the awesome compilation of our work.

    However, I wasn’t sure where else to post this, but I feel obligated to mention that the shots from 1:10 to 1:19 are by Cameron Sorgi, who was a fellow compositor in my class, and he wasn’t credited here.

    1. Amy Cassell Amy Cassell says:

      Hi Joshua, Thanks for bringing that to our attention! We’ve updated the blog and the YouTube video with Cameron’s credits.

    2. Avatar Andrea Pignata says:

      Congrats Joushua!

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