3 Things We Learned From Full Sail’s ‘Makeup Unmasked’ Workshop

Things got spooky last month as students, faculty, and staff celebrated Halloween. Among the many on and off campus events open to students was LibraryLive’s annual collaboration with the Full Sail Makeup Department, ‘Makeup Unmasked.’ Headed up by Course Director Kim Carlisle and her team of makeup experts, the live demonstration featured tips and techniques for achieving a perfectly ghastly look suitable for scaring the socks off even the most hardcore horror fan. The 90-minute presentation, which was live streamed via YouTube, was packed with information on creating realistic practical effects. Here are a few of our favorite takeaways.

Think 2D Before You Go 3D
When creating a chelsea grin on her model, Val  suggested tracing out the parameters of the wound with a nude colored lip pencil prior to applying the first layer of makeup. Once you have the wound sketched out, you can easily build up layers of gore to make the piece pop.


Use What You Got
When crafting a wound, you can use various household items to simulate anatomical elements. Here, Val used a combination of latex, fake blood, and pine nuts—yes, the things that give pesto its signature nutty flavor—to give the illusion of fatty tissue peeking through a laceration.


Go Red By Going Green
Sometimes fake blood might look good on someone’s skin when you first apply it, but over time it can take on a pink tinge that diminishes the wow factor. To keep your blood looking fresh, Kim suggested adding a drop or two of green pigment before you apply. This will ensure the makeup maintains its deep red color over time.


For an inside look at Full Sail’s makeup department, head on over to our YouTube channel or check out the video below.