2013 Nerdapalooza Festival: 3 Days of Games & Music

The sixth annual Nerdapalooza festival stormed the Orlando Convention Center this October for a weekend of live music, video games, vendors, visual artists, and more. The event was founded in Central Florida in 2007, and has steadily grown in popularity with fans of technology, arts, and pop culture. It even spawned a second Nerdapalooza event in New York City this past February.


Held from October 18-20, Orlando’s offering upped the size and scope well beyond previous years. Notable bands included headliners They Might Be Giants, as well as other popular acts like Nerf Herder, MC Lars, Green Jelly, and Solilaquists of Sound. The Solilaquists are notable for featuring Full Sail Recording Arts graduate Glen “DiViNCi” Valencia as producer and performer.


The conference also hosted the Indie Game Showcase, which offered playable game demos from local developers. Among the contributors were two Full Sail instructors from CrazyRock Creative. Derek Marunowski (Course Director, Online Aesthetics and Immersion) and Phillip Marunowski (Lab Specialist, Game Development Final Project) showed off their Android/iOS title Omega Hero, a side-scrolling 3D brawler.

Also available on the convention floor were exhibitors from popular websites Nerdy.fm and Fan Gamer, as well as artists and vendors selling video game and comic book inspired paintings, sculptures, and apparel. For proud fans of nerd culture it was an epic weekend of music, games, and more, and it’ll be fun to see how organizers will be able to build on the event in coming years.