2010 Hall of Fame Week: Insights from Hall of Fame Inductee Kristifir Klein and ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Co-Director Dean DeBlois

Dean DuBlois and Kris Klein

“A day at Pixar, is a day of awesome,” says 2010 Hall of Fame inductee Kris Klein while speaking to an eager audience of students and staff.

As a continuing part of this week’s 2010 Hall of Fame festivities, students gathered in the new Full Sail Live venue on Tuesday morning to listen to Kris, a Digital Arts & Design grad, answer questions about his innovative career.

Since 2000, Kris has been creating magic with Pixar Animation Studios and has worked his way up to Set Modeling Lead. Joining him onstage was Dean DeBlois from DreamWorks—who inducted Kris into the Hall of Fame at Monday’s ceremony.

They revealed their personal experiences that led them into their respective careers with the high-profile studios that are responsible for producing wildly popular animated films.

Kris’s credits for Pixar include Finding NemoMonsters, Inc.WALL•E, and The Incredibles. Dean most recently served as co-director for How to Train Your Dragon.

Other topics of conversation included: crew dynamics, approval processes, quantity versus quality, how to make a good impression, and how to effectively submit a demo reel when you’re first starting out in the business.

Kris and Dean also offered some lasting words of advice for those looking to break into the animated film business.

“Don’t be a clock watcher,” Dean says. “And let your work speak for itself. Leave the audacity and hubris at the door.”

“Don’t just dial-in. Give it your best all the time,” adds Kris. “Get in the story; storyboarding is very important. No matter what, the story always rules.”