Year in Review 2015: Ali’s Three Favorite Stories

Our Year in Review series features the best of life at Full Sail in 2015, highlighting award-winning grads, popular student work, industry guests, and more. 

Working as a Full Sail staff writer means getting the chance to interview some incredibly creative and inspiring people. It also means accepting the responsibility and privilege of conveying their stories to the rest of the Full Sail community – and to the public in general. Because each article (and article subject) is special in its own way, it feels impossible for me to name any favorites. For that reason, I’ll simply share the three stories that I feel best represent the spirit of this campus and those who inhabit it.

Grad Terrence Culbreath on Recording Studios, Local Politics, and Evolving Dreams


For this piece, I had the pleasure of speaking with Terrence Culbreath, a Recording Arts grad with professional studio experience, who is credited on OutKast member Big Boi’s critically lauded album Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, and who currently serves as the mayor of Johnston, South Carolina. The manner in which he describes his journey from Full Sail to City Hall – and how the former positively influenced the latter – is inspiring and unapologetic, and an antidote I’d recommend for any student struggling with the self-imposed constrictions of creativity or young age.

Students and Alumni Celebrate International Education Week


It’s rare for this writer to say an event is “difficult to put into words,” but this year’s International Education Week was indeed one of those instances. The Full Sail campus is known for being warm (figuratively, not literally – it’s freezing in here!) and accepting, though I’d challenge anyone to find a spot more welcoming than a meeting of the International Student Society. From watching a vibrant talent festival to attending an insightful panel discussion with successful international grads, this story was a genuine treat to cover.

Grad Keirra Tillery on Working for Special Olympics Florida


Keirra Tillery was the first on-campus graduate of the Sports Marketing & Media program. For an article and video interview, I (along with an awesome camera crew) visited her workplace at Special Olympics Florida, and chatted about how she’s managed to bridge her love of athleticism with a desire to make a positive impact in her community. Her story is a great example of putting a creative degree to philanthropic use, and we were thrilled to highlight her deserved accomplishments on the blog.