Year in Review 2013: Art of Full Sail’s Most Popular Student Work [Photos]

Year in Review 2013: Art of Full Sail's Most Popular Student Work [Photos]

Our Year in Review series features the best of life at Full Sail in 2013, highlighting award-winning grads, popular student work, industry guests, and more. 

The best place to find some of the impressive student-created work this year was over on our Tumblr page, Art of Full Sail. The virtual gallery featured original work from several degree programs, including Digital Arts & Design, Computer Animation, and Game Art. Below – in random order – are the ten most popular posts from Art of Full Sail in 2013, based on page views and notes. Check out the rest of the work at

These computer-generated tomatoes were created by Nicole Gorney (Computer Animation, 2012 graduate) as part of a shading and lighting project.

year in review 2013-tumblr-gorney

Kristine Schindler (Digital Arts & Design, 2012 graduate) designed this promotional poster for The Hunger Games.


This computer-generated environment was created by Daniel Dadge (Computer Animation, 2012 graduate).

year in review 2013-tumblr-dadge

This is one of the four movie posters Qistina Hullon (Digital Arts & Design, 2012 graduate) designed to promote the film Inception.

year in review 2013-tumblr-hullon

Another computer-generated environment, this one created by Kaleb Gibson (Computer Animation, 2012 graduate).

year in review 2013-tumblr-gibson

Savion James-Marcelle (Digital Arts & Design, 2013 graduate) designed a series of posters to promote the Cartoon Network series “Young Justice.”

year in review 2013-tumblr-james marcelle

This Arctic Cat ATV was created by Cole Young (Computer Animation, 2013 graduate) as part of a hard surface modeling project. See the ATV in action in Cole’s demo reel.

year in review 2013-tumblr-young

As a tribute to artist Alex Pardee, Nicholas Cordes (Digital Arts & Design, 2013 graduate) re-imagined the design packaging for Crayola.

year in review 2013-tumblr-cordes

This dragon ball isn’t real – it’s a shading and lighting project created by Luke Gonet (Computer Animation, 2012 graduate).

year in review 2013-tumblr-gonet

This typography project by Mark Kierce (Digital Arts & Design, current student) pays tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.

year in review 2013-tumblr-kierce