Writing and Producing a Hit K-pop Song with Grad Ross Lara [Video]

Writing and Producing a Hit K-Pop Song with Grad Ross Lara [Video]

Through his work as production manager with international multimedia company Joombas Music Group, Full Sail Recording Arts grad Ross Lara has spent a good amount of time this year writing and producing music for some successful K-pop groups. We recently sat down with Ross and his business partner, Joombas Music Group CEO Hyuk Shin, in Full Sail’s Audio Temple, and they gave us a behind the scenes look at what goes into creating one of these infectiously popular songs. Featured in the video below is “You’re Impressive,” the latest single from boy band VIXX.



2 thoughts on “Writing and Producing a Hit K-pop Song with Grad Ross Lara [Video]

  1. Avatar RanHee Park says:

    I have heard that he made songs like dream girl, you’re impressive.
    The songs are very interesting and popular in Korea. I hope that k-pop is as well as in Korea popular in other countries.

    1. Avatar Tarit Panitpichetvong says:

      Now in Thailand is very popular too.

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