Workshops and Reviews: More Highlights From the Sixth Annual Hall of Fame

Now that the dust has settled from the whirlwind that was the Sixth Annual Hall of Fame, we’d like to call attention to one particular highlight of the event: student participation.

Last week’s schedule provided Full Sail students with opportunities to not only attend lectures with industry leaders, but also to interact with and gather feedback from the experts directly. Such events included the 24-Hour Design, Audio Remixing, and Filmmaking Projects, as well as a variety of portfolio and demo review sessions. Some guests even hosted specialized workshops, where they revealed insider tips on topics like film editing, digital painting, and digital branding.


We were thrilled by the abundant enthusiasm from students, who enhanced the sessions with questions, conversation, and the kind of in-the-moment educational value that can’t be planned or scripted.


DAD student Kevin Yang, who participated in a Portfolio Review with Hall of Fame Inductees Kim Alpert and Nathaniel Howe, admits he was nervous at first. “Getting a portfolio review from them was super intimidating and exciting to me. I’m always a little awkward when it comes to presentations, but once we started talking about design I managed to calm down a little. My biggest takeaway was that it’s important to diversify and evolve as a designer. Strive for progress. Success is a byproduct of hard work.”


Dmitry Fedorov, a DAD student who also participated in the Portfolio Review, says Hall of Fame is his favorite time of year. “It’s always great to get constructive feedback from industry professionals. It inspires me to try harder and push my work to the next level.”

Film student Mitchell Poljak, who spent most of Hall of Fame collaborating with his 24-Hour Film Project crew, says his experience was stressful, but incredible. “I learned that good work can be done in very little time if you work with a crew that communicates well.” And the best part? “When Darren Bousman (Director, “Saw II”) looked me in the eye, handed me the Best Picture award, and told me I did a fantastic job.”



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  1. Nanyi Wang says:

    I think this is very interesting. Because I think students have a lot of enlightenment In the discussion. Students can contact with the industry leader, and it can also direct feedback with experts. This is great.

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