Wolfgang Fraissinet, President of Neumann Microphones, Speaks to Students on Campus

Earlier this week, students in Full Sail’s music and entertainment degree programs welcomed a very special guest to campus. Wolfgang Fraissinet, president of Neumann Microphones (a Sennheiser company), stopped by for an educational presentation and intimate Q and A session with students. Neumann is a premier manufacturer of studio microphones, monitors, and other recording accessories; its list of users is long, to say the least, and includes the Beatles, Celine Dion, Beyoncé, and many more.

In his introduction, Wolfgang set the tone for an event that was more conversation, less lecture. “It is absolutely great to have such a young audience. The presentation today is not just looking backwards at what Neumann did, in more than 80 years … I would like to use this opportunity to gather with you in a common effort, in a two-way dialogue, and talk a little bit about some trends in the industry that will drive us over the years to come.”

The two-hour Neumann presentation included a comprehensive history of the Berlin-based company and its products, as well as a detailed discussion about new and emerging technologies. Topics included the 3D audio, price and product diversification, and the current expansion of mobile recording. Wolfgang even brought along a new product, a digital clip-on microphone, which combines A/D conversion with Sennheiser’s renowned microphone technology. “We are cooperating with Apogee [Electronics] now, in order to get a step closer to the YouTube generation, the iPhone, iPad, iPod users these days, and make it possible to use studio gear together with those mobile devices. One plus one is three in this case.”

The highlight of the event occurred when Wolfgang surprised students and faculty with a donation for Full Sail’s own studio. The microphone, a Neumann U47 FET Collector’s Edition, now lives in the “Audio Temple,” Full Sail’s flagship recording studio.

“I was thrilled that the students got to see this industry veteran,” says Darren Schneider, Course Director for Advanced Session Recording. “Wolfgang is a wealth of knowledge in the recording industry. He brought with him passion, enthusiasm, and excitement – and we’re so honored by his donation of the U47. Students are already enjoying the amazing sound from this historic microphone.”



To view the presentation in its entirety, check out the YouTube video below: