Will my Full Sail Credits transfer?

One question that often comes up about a Full Sail education is whether or not credits received for classes taken here would transfer to another college or university. The simple answer is “it depends,” because credit-transfer decisions are made solely at the discretion of the accepting institution and we make absolutely no promises regarding the acceptability of credit earned at Full Sail.


How transferring credits works … everywhere

Every post-secondary school reserves the right to calculate its own credits, and accept or deny those completed at other schools, depending on any factors it deems appropriate. For example, someone may take a literature class at a nearby state school, and, upon transferring to a smaller private university, find out that the class winds up counting as an elective, or maybe not even at all. Absent an articulation agreement, a state-wide common course numbering system, or some other specific legal requirement, no college or university is required to accept credits from another institution of higher education. As a result, it is possible that none of the credits earned at Full Sail will transfer to another institution, and it is also possible that none of the credits earned at another institution will transfer to Full Sail.


The Full Sail difference

Full Sail’s educational programs are very focused and designed for those who are passionate about dedicating themselves to a future in the entertainment and media industry. From your very first day as a Full Sail student, we aim to get you on a sharply focused track, and to help you develop the skills and acumen you’ll need in the area of the entertainment industry you’ve decided to pursue.

Our programs are designed to be innovative, intensive, and to get students into their chosen fields as quickly as possible. Therefore, Full Sail coursework is not intended to be used for transfer to other institutions of higher education. Full Sail’s strength is that we believe we are like no other institution of higher education and that fact can create challenges to conforming to more traditional academic programs.


Do your research

If this is an area of concern for you, we strongly advise that you research your specific potential transfer situation as early as possible and make the decision that is best for you, your education, and your career. Please keep in mind when researching that conversations about transferring credits and accreditation often get commingled. These are two separate subjects (to learn more about Full Sail’s accreditation, please read this post) and, ultimately, the transferability of credits remains in the discretion of the accepting institution.

Do you have any more questions about transferring credits? Feel free to ask in the comments below, or contact our Admissions department at 800.226.7625.