Weekend Reading List: Twitter Redesign, Occulus Rift, Google Music Timeline, and More

The Viral Success of The Beatles, The Color Project, and More [Weekend Reading List]

We take the weekends off from posting to FullSailBlog.com, so in our absence, we’re leaving you with a few other great reads to check out on Saturday and Sunday. Below are the picks we each came across this week. If you’ve got your own favorite story, share it in the comments section below.

Building a Better Nest: Inside Twitter’s Continuous Redesign
For anyone who uses Twitter on their SmartPhone, doesn’t it seems like there’s always a new update? The Verge talked with Michael Sippey, Twitter’s Vice President of Product, about why Twitter is constantly evolving, and what additional changes are in store for 2014. – Amy

Google’s Music Timeline offers a new look at music history
Google’s Music Timeline is a fun way to visually dig into popular music trends, although, as this Atlantic article points out, the web tool has serious flaws. It’s based only on Google Play users’ music libraries, so it’s not truly a history, nor is it truly representative of musical tastes. However, it could be a fun way to discover new music and get a general idea of trends. – Christine

Inside the evolution of the Just Dance series
While it’s clearly not meant for gamers like me, I’ve been continually baffled the runaway success of Just Dance. The motion control/camera mechanics required by Ubisoft’s hit series are the last way I want to play a video game, but despite criticism it has struck a major chord with audiences (even Barack Obama!). This article offers a well-researched look into the development and merits of the franchise. – James

Occulus Rift may finally do virtual reality right
I don’t play video games, but this serious gamer’s piece about spending some time using the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift … well, it sounds totally awesome. – Jason

Photographer Travels Through Time By Inserting Herself Into Her Childhood Photos
Photographer Chino Otsuka shows her amazing photoshop skills by inserting herself into old childhood photos. – Liz