Weekend Reading List: Pharrell’s 24-Hour Music Video, Monty Python, Stereolab, and More

The Viral Success of The Beatles, The Color Project, and More [Weekend Reading List]

We take the weekends off from posting to FullSailBlog.com, so in our absence, we’re leaving you with a few other great reads to check out on Saturday and Sunday. Below are the picks we each came across this week. If you’ve got your own favorite story, share it in the comments section below. We’ll be posting a new set of links every Friday.

Watch: Pharrell ‘Gets Happy’ in 24-Hour Interactive Video
While you probably shouldn’t watch the new Pharrell music video for 24 straight hours –which is exactly how long it is – I really do love how creative artists are getting with interactive music videos these days. (Even Bob Dylan got in on the game earlier this week, releasing his own interactive video for “Like a Rolling Stone.”) –Amy

The Art of Doing Everything
What is your productivity ‘archetype’? Are you a Multitasker, Mono-Tasker, Firefighter, Lone Wolf? Fast Company’s comprehensive series on productivity tips categorizes us all into specific ‘types’ and offers apps and strategies for each. –Christine

Monty Python Demonstrates How Not to Be Seen…
Comedy fans had an unexpected surprise this week as the surviving member of Monty Python’s Flying Circus held a press conference to announce a reunion performance that will combine both old and new material on stage in London next summer. –James

Stereolab and Beyond
Lots of bands claim to use the “studio as instrument,” but for me the truest exemplar of this ethos is Stereolab, and this great, in-depth interview band principal Tim Gane did with Tape Op magazine goes a long way to explain why. –Jason

21 Animals That Will Make you Squeal With Joy
Puppies, kitties, bunnies, and even a hedgehog. What else could you ask for? –Liz