Weekend Reading List: Lou Reed, 3D Game Maps, Digital Campaigns, and More

The Viral Success of The Beatles, The Color Project, and More [Weekend Reading List]

We take the weekends off from posting to FullSailBlog.com, so in our absence we’re leaving you with a few other great reads to check out on Saturday and Sunday. Below are the picks we came across this week. If you’ve got your own favorite story, share it in the comments section. We’ll be posting a new set of links every Friday.

Student Game World Takes Historic London Maps Into 3D Space
Students from a British university created a 3D “fly-through” of 17th century London, winning first place in Crytek’s “Off the Map” contest. The competition challenged UK student game designers to create virtual worlds out of specially curated maps chosen by the British Library. –Christine

Beck: ‘I Never Get Tired of Playing Lou Reed’s Songs’
This week we lost rock legend Lou Reed, whose work with the Velvet Underground and as a solo artist influenced countless artists who followed. This tribute from Beck is just one of the many stories of those affected by the late musician’s work. –James

Spooky Digital Campaign for New Stephen King Book Lets You ‘Shine’
This innovative digital campaign for Stephen King’s new novel, Doctor Sleep, brings the main character, Danny, to life on your browser and smartphone. It’s amazing to see how advanced these marketing campaigns have become. –Amy

“Teddy Bear” the Porcupine Doesn’t Like to Share His Corn
I don’t blame him, who wants to share their corn? –Liz