Watch: David McKenna Explains the Inspiration Behind Renee

david mckenna renee video clip

The Florida Film Festival kicked off this past weekend, and opening-night film Renee premiered to a sold-out crowd on Friday night. Renee tells the true story of Renee Yohe (played by Kat Dennings), a local girl who overcame self-harm and drug addictions with the help of her friend David McKenna, a Full Sail grad who co-produced the movie. It was filmed in Orlando (including a few scenes shot right here in the Full Sail Live Venue) and along with David, several Full Sail faculty members and grads have production credits on the project.

We caught up with David on campus last week and he explained his role in Renee’s life, plus told us the story of how she ended up becoming the inspiration for the popular To Write Love On Her Arms organization. Check out the clip below.