Warped Tour 2013: The End of Tour [Video]

Warped Tour 2013: The End of Tour [Video]
Allstar Weekend performing at the Vans Warped Tour.

All summer, we’ve had blog, photo, and video updates from Maggie Ward, the Full Sail New Media Journalism Master‘s grad interning on the Vans Warped Tour. This week, with the tour over, Maggie’s final blog post looks back on her experience on the road.

Working on the Vans Warped Tour has been a unique opportunity. I was nervous, but I quit my full time job (with benefits) for this seven-week gig. I have never done anything like this, so naturally, I was terrified from the start. But I immediately learned that – with a staff the size of a small town – the tour infests each city it visits with the power of punk rock. Warped Tour leaves its mark on each and every person that walks through its doors, myself included.

This job was not easy. There were tears and frustration, as well as smiles and laugher. Some days I did not think I could survive another grueling day of tour, but on other days, I felt like I was standing on top of the world and nothing could stop me.

Ending this Warped Tour chapter of my life is bittersweet. While I am certainly looking forward to peace and quiet, a long hot shower, and snuggling with my dog, I will miss the tour life I’m leaving behind. I will miss listening to new music every single day. If I bought a T-shirt from every artist I loved on the tour, I would be broke. And despite the frustrations with bus life, I will miss my smelly little bunk and snoring bus mates more than anything else.

I took the job with Warped Tour to challenge myself. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I ended up meeting hundreds of amazing people. I’m planning on taking a week off to hibernate, but then I’m getting right back to job hunting. I just survived Warped Tour 2013 – nothing can stop me now.