Warped Tour 2013: Staying Healthy (and Hydrated) On Tour

Vans Warped Tour 2013: Staying Healthy (and Hydrated) On Tour

Throughout the summer, we’ll have blog, photo, and video updates from Maggie Ward, the Full Sail New Media Journalism Master’s grad who is interning on this summer’s Vans Warped Tour. This week, Maggie tells us about the tour’s new Hydration Station.

My health and sanity have been my top priority this summer. Without a healthy mind and body, I wouldn’t be able to handle the immense workload or the demands of touring. While I’m photographing the bands’ sets in the heat all day long, the smartest thing I can do is stay hydrated. That goes for everyone attending Warped Tour, too: You definitely need to drink water.

Every single day, my first priority is to find the SIGG Hydration Station. SIGG provides free filtered water to anyone with a bottle to fill. [They also sell reusable water bottles if you don’t have one.] In the video below, tour medic Min Lucas shares tips for staying healthy on tour and Danny Gengaro, the Hydration Station Supervisor, shows us just how important the Hydration Station is.