Warner Music Group’s Ioannis Fagkridas’s thoughts on Full Sail’s grads

Full Sail’s Career Development department does more than just work to help students get jobs after graduation – we also like to keep in contact with companies in the entertainment industry to see how Full Sailors are doing in their internships and jobs.

We recently heard back from Ioannis Fagkridas, Human Resources Specialist at Warner Music Group in New York City. Fagkridas has seen many Full Sail students and graduates enter the WMG internship program, contributing to the recorded music business and music publishing business for the world’s most successful music companies.

“The number of Full Sail students that enter our internship program has been steadily increasing during the previous semesters, and I believe this is the best proof of how much Full Sail students are valued by our intern supervisors,” says Fagkridas. “Most of the students that joined our program were extremely passionate about music and significantly contributed with their knowledge during the internship.”

The fact that Full Sail students are able to earn post-academic credit from their internships also allows them to focus their efforts strictly on the job, rather than having to balance their schedules with school. “That gives them more exposure to the company,” Fagkridas says. “And it also allows the supervisors to feel comfortable to assign them meaningful projects and offer more opportunities to participate in various areas of their every day work.”

Fagkridas also points out that the Full Sail’s Career Development has been a great asset to the caliber of interns who enter the program. “The support that we get from Career Development is amazing,” he says. “And this is one more thing that distinguishes Full Sail from most of the other universities that we work with.”