Video: How To Make Fake Blood


Sure, Halloween is almost six months away, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start prepping your costume – and let’s be honest, nothing kicks things up a notch like some fake blood. Plus, for all you filmmakers out there, this is a much safer and easier option than going with the real stuff.

In the latest installment of our YouTube how-to tutorial series, Full Sail University Makeup for Motion Pictures Lab Specialist Jared Williams breaks down some of his secret recipes for making three different types of fake blood , ranging from realistic to straight-up zombie B-movie gore. Dedicated trick-or-treaters and amateur filmmakers alike, brace yourselves – it’s about to get bloody.



    These are Full Sail grads (Well, Ryan is, anyway) who do a show about cheap ways to do the same things bigger movies do on a smaller budget. And they’re hilarious while they do it. This is an episode that shows six other recipes for fake blood, and which ones worked best for them.

    • Sean Kantrowitz

      Awesome, thanks for sharing!

  • This is interesting….

  • this is gonna let my nigerian film makers know how to make fake blood,instead of killing a goat or chicken every time there’s a blood