Video: How To Make Fake Blood

Sure, Halloween is almost six months away, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start prepping your costume – and let’s be honest, nothing kicks things up a notch like some fake blood. Plus, for all you filmmakers out there, this is a much safer and easier option than going with the real stuff.

In the latest installment of our YouTube how-to tutorial series, Full Sail University Makeup for Motion Pictures Lab Specialist Jared Williams breaks down some of his secret recipes for making three different types of fake blood , ranging from realistic to straight-up zombie B-movie gore. Dedicated trick-or-treaters and amateur filmmakers alike, brace yourselves – it’s about to get bloody.



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    These are Full Sail grads (Well, Ryan is, anyway) who do a show about cheap ways to do the same things bigger movies do on a smaller budget. And they’re hilarious while they do it. This is an episode that shows six other recipes for fake blood, and which ones worked best for them.

    1. Sean Kantrowitz Sean Kantrowitz says:

      Awesome, thanks for sharing!

  2. This is interesting….

  3. Avatar Bili Alaka says:

    this is gonna let my nigerian film makers know how to make fake blood,instead of killing a goat or chicken every time there’s a blood

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