United Nations Climate Change Project Winners Announced

The United Nations Climate Change Project, hosted by the United States French Embassy, allowed Full Sail students and alumni to compete to win a trip to Lyon, France, to work with clients on climate change-related video projects.

To enter, participants submitted two-minute video pitches describing why climate change is important to them. Winners from the pitch round then moved forward to form teams and submit short videos proposing solutions to climate change – while highlighting skills such as storytelling, directing, editing, and visual effects.

The winners, all current Film students, were announced last week, and are scheduled to travel to France in November.

Dimitri Pantchev – “Green Water for Alive Beauty”

Dimitri, who came in 1st place in the film category in last year’s UNCC Project, filmed “Green Water for Alive Beauty” on location in Bulgaria, his home country. The video features residents capturing rainwater to use for drinking and irrigation. He was the leader in his group, and performed all of the filming and editing for the video.

“I liked the idea of doing something that makes sense, is helpful, and is recognizable not only in the film circle but also politically and socially,” he says. “At the end of the day, it’s a good opportunity to step out of the box and make a difference.”

Justice Soule – “Chena Hot Springs Energy Tour” 

Justice is originally from Fairbanks, Alaska, and filmed “Chena Hot Springs Energy Tour” while she was home for summer break. The video showcases a self-sustaining resort in Chena, Alaska, which runs off of geothermal energy. She shot and edited the video entirely on her own, which she says was a fun challenge. “The most rewarding part of doing this was getting to show this place to others. There’s nothing else quite like it.”

Justice was excited to learn that she’d been chosen as a winner. “This is a big accomplishment in my life. My passion for this industry took me from Alaska to Florida, and now it’s taking me to France. November can’t come soon enough.”

Dionne Ramdeen – “Compost Orlando”

Dionne’s video, titled “Compost Orlando,” highlights a local, community-minded initiative that turns organic food waste into nutrient-rich soil. She created her submission with the help of an additional cameraman. Born in Jamaica, Dionne explains that climate change has been important to her since she lost her sister to a mosquito-related illness. “The Caribbean experiences drought every year, and little pools of water build up, and then you have mosquitos – and there was an outbreak,” she explains.

“I’m very passionate about climate change, whether it’s preservation of habitat, recycling of water, recycling organic waste … I’m a humanitarian at heart.”



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