Underwater Cinematographer Tom Boyd Discusses Swimming with Sharks

Underwater Cinematographer Tom Boyd Discusses Swimming with Sharks

Although most people understand the role of the cinematographer on a film set, not many people are privy to the day-to-day experience of an underwater cinematographer. Tom Boyd, one of our 2013 Full Sail University Hall of Fame inductees, has spent nearly 20 years of his film career in a wetsuit and scuba gear, capturing shots for feature films, documentaries, and TV commercials.

Recently, Tom talked to Get In Media about the challenges of an underwater camera operator, such as how he communicates underwater with both cast and crew:

Sometimes you have what we call communication units, where it’s like a full facemask and you can communicate with a crew underwater. I can talk to them, they can talk to me, and we can all hear. We use a lot of hand signals, which we will go over before we go underwater. I’ll talk to the talent. When I’m trying to shoot something, I’ll go over my hand signals so they understand if I want them to repeat something or hold or stay in a particular position.”

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