Two Full Sail Student Films Featured at Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase [Video]

Two Full Sail Student Films Featured in Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase [Video]

Late last month at the 22nd Annual Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase, dozens of locally-produced films hit the big screen at Central Florida’s Enzian Theater. Out of nearly 100 entries, 52 shorts (a mix of previous FilmSlam competition winners, school-curated selections, and independent submissions) were selected for Brouhaha, and two of those were films directed, produced, and written by Full Sail Film graduates.

enzian theater-inlineAt the end of the showcase, 14 films were were named “The Best of Brouhaha,” and will all appear in a showcase during the 2014 Florida Film Festival. Among those 14 was The Past, a short film written, directed, and produced by Film graduates Sean Sida and Garrett Callahan. The film tells the story of a disillusioned man who wanders the beach and discovers buried memories inside of mysterious glowing cubes. Sean and Garrett shot the entire short on three separate trips to the beach, and were both really excited to hear that it was selected for the Florida Film Festival.

“We filmed [The Past] during our free time over the course of the last few months of school,” says Garrett, who has been working as a freelance filmmaker since graduating earlier this year. “The project was challenging yet incredibly fulfilling. There were many times it felt like what we wanted to accomplish was falling through, yet it was in those moments that called out the storytellers and artists in each one of us.”

The other Full Sail film featured at Brouhaha last month was Bittersweet, a light-hearted 35mm film about a young dessert baker tackling his first commissioned assignment. The film – made at Full Sail during the Film program’s Final Project course – was written by Heather Brumley and directed by Grant Martin, both 2013 grads.

“[In Bittersweet], Lawrence is a young baker at a prestigious dessert shop and Liza is the intern that reluctantly gets assigned to Lawrence when he’s given his first commissioned project,” says Heather, who is currently working on her first feature film project in South Florida. “Lawrence feels fortunate enough to finally receive a serious assignment, and Liza is upset that she has to spend a week with with him when she could be learning from the greatest.”

Heather and Grant weren’t able to attend this weekend’s showcase, but they were both excited to hear about the project being selected.

“The shoot was a blast and I cannot stress enough how much I learned as a young director and storyteller,” says Grant, who’s working in the film industry in Los Angeles and preparing to write his first feature. “Granted, we hit some obstacles, but we learned to overcome them together and with the guidance of some incredible instructors.”

Full Sail was also a primary sponsor of the Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase, which is held annually every Fall.



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