Turning a Passion for Sandwiches into a Clothing Brand

Anthony “Biggie” Bencomo, the founder of sandwich-inspired clothing brand Deli Fresh Threads, gave a special presentation to Full Sail students about his experience in the business, and the importance of establishing a recognizable brand.

Anthony combined his passion for t-shirt design and sandwiches to create a unique brand that is all about the details. “I pack each order like a sandwich your mom would make – with love,” he said.

Each t-shirt order is packaged like a deli sandwich: wrapped in parchment, tucked away inside a brown paper bag with a stamped napkin, “chips” (buttons), and a receipt modeled after those found in delis. Anthony stressed the importance of creating a cohesive brand. “People should be able to see your product and know it’s your brand.”

However, creating a brand goes beyond great packaging. Anthony has also built a rapport with his audience through social media, meet ups, and more. The Deli Fresh Blog regularly shares facts, recipes, and the history of sandwiches, which resonates with his demographic and ensures they keep sandwiches on their mind. He also plans a monthly “Sandwich Eat Up” to introduce fellow enthusiasts to local sandwich shops in the area, furthering a bond between his business and the local community. “You want to create a community with your audience,” he said. “It shouldn’t be one sided.”