Tonight: Preparing for an Art Show Workshop


So after months and months of honing your craft, putting your work out there, and trying to rub shoulders with the right people, you’ve finally landed your first art show. But therein lies the problem – you’re in no way prepared for what will be your first art show.

Have no fear – all hope is not lost. Tonight’s Preparing for an Art Show workshop at 5:30 p.m. in FS2-102I will help you get prepared for your big day. This demonstration will show you from start to finish how to frame your art yourself, using the most cost-effective tools possible. The presentation will also talk about showing your work locally, putting together an “art show hanging kit,” how to present prints, and where to get prints made.

Students can also hear war stories about what not to do and what to watch our for when showing art locally. This event is open to all students, so don’t miss out!