Today: Artist Manager T.J. Sagen (Disturbed, Art of Dying) Wimba Interview



If there’s one career path that almost automatically comes with some incredible built-in stories, it’s got to be the role of the artist manager. Whether it’s negotiating contracts, handling business on the road, or helping to smooth out the sometimes bumpy roads of the music industry, it’s a job that has its own unique set of challenges and never gets dull.

Today, we welcome students to attend an online interview with artist manager T.J. Sagen in the Wimba EBBS ATM Virtual Classroom at 11:00 a.m. T.J. Sagen is a band and personal manager at Jeff Battaglia Management (JBM) in Chicago, representing recording artists such as Disturbed, Art of Dying, The Lifeline, and Jess Godwin. He’s also a board member of the greater South Lop Association, the Chairman of the Bash On Wabash Festival, and owns his own DJ company. Don’t miss out!



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