Tips for Submitting Your Work to ‘The Aviator,’ Full Sail’s Student Literary Magazine

How students can submit writing, poetry, and art to The Aviator, Full Sail's student literary magazine.

While there are several outlets at Full Sail for showcasing student work, one of the newest ways to do so is through The Aviator, Full Sail’s digital student literary journal. Established in 2010, the quarterly publication was created as a way for students to have their work seen across the entire Full Sail community, not just within their respective departments.

The Spring issue (the fifth issue published) was released yesterday, and you can download a digital copy of it now. It features 40 pieces of student-created prose, poetry, and art, including the piece pictured above – “M is for Museum Mammoth” – created by student Ana Maria Selvaggio.

“We had so many quality submissions for this issue, our reviewers had their hands full,” says Nicole Chapman, a Lab Specialist in the English Department and the faculty coordinator for The Aviator. “We’re very proud of this solid Spring edition.”

If you’re interested in showcasing your own work in The Aviator, all of the submission guidelines can be reviewed on the Writing Center’s blog. We also had Nicole share with us a few tips for submission; check them out below.

  • For Prose: An anonymous reviewer says, “The best pieces out there are ones that do not resemble stories or elements that are currently out there in the industry. The best pieces have a strong story structure and fresh new situations with original multidimensional characters.”
  • For Poetry: “When it comes to poetry, our reviewers want to see unexpected, clever use of language and thought-provoking imagery.” says Nicole.
  • For Art: “Art is perhaps more subjective, but our reviewers look for pieces that demonstrate good technique and portray a unique artistic vision,” says Nicole.