These Grads’ Studio Serves Houston’s Blossoming Music Scene

Even while they were still going to Full Sail, grads Gus (Entertainment Business, 2010) and Chris Kritikos (Recording Arts, 2010) knew they were going to go into business together. “We both knew when we were young that we wanted to either be musicians or be in the music business,” Gus says. “We developed a rough business plan through school and just kept developing from there.”

After graduation, the pair started renovating a house in Houston, TX to create rooms essential to record professional sound. “We built our own isolation booths, treated the walls for proper acoustics, acquired the right gear, and… voila! We had a functioning studio,” Gus says.

They called it Kritikos Recording Studios and started spreading the word around Houston’s music scene “Chris and I grew up playing music and we knew some of the music circuit here in Houston. We spread the word and worked with some bands that we knew. After letting the product speak for itself, Chris and I built a respectable amount of clientele in the metal and hip-hop genres. Soon, we were recording all types of musicians from gospel to world to rock music and had a copious amount of work in vocal treatments, mastering, and mixing.”

These days, the brothers spend 90 percent of their time at the studio tracking, mixing, or mastering in the control room and live room. “The community in Houston is so rich with music that the outlets for finding it are endless, but we are frequently surprised by the artists that find us and how,” says Gus, who is currently working with author Carlo Magana on an audio novella titled In the Worst Way.

They’re also working closely with Stacy “A.C.R.E.” Harris on his current mixtape release Snapbacks and Kush Smoke. Kevin Johnson is in studio doing tracking for his new album, which is currently untitled. “Another client, Astro Brizz, is finishing up his mixtape soon with only two more songs to be mixed,” Gus says. “At Kritikos Recording Studios we also work closely with other engineers for mixing and mastering work. KeKe the Weirdo just recently released an album with her producer Marc G that was mastered at KRS.”

Their newest project to date has them working with fellow Full Sail grad, Dustin “DustyRodez” Faust (Entertainment Business, 2010), who is currently working on his first full-length album, which he produced and wrote entirely.

“I love what I do because I feel like the music people make with us gives them another piece of the puzzle to a career in the entertainment industry,” Gus says. “We provide artists with professional recordings that they are proud to call their own. I feel like we are an integral step and we provide our services to clients that take their art as seriously as we take ours. Because of that, we make connections and build relationships to further not only our careers, but the artists’ as well. That feeling cannot be beat.”



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