The Viral Success of The Beatles, The Color Project, and More [Weekend Reading List]

The Viral Success of The Beatles, The Color Project, and More [Weekend Reading List]

We take the weekends off from posting to, so in our absence, we’re leaving you with a few other great reads to check out on Saturday and Sunday. Below are the picks we each came across this week. If you’ve got your own favorite story, share it in the comments section below.

Hollywood FX Team Turns Google Earth Into Art
The Moving Picture Company took maps from Google Earth and transformed them into a multi-colored mosaic of eye-popping art, and this article gives us a look into exactly how they did it. The video installation is currently on display in New York City, but you can check it out in the clip below. –Amy

How The Beatles Went Viral
The Beatles have been back in the news this year, as 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the band’s first trip to the United States and landmark appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” Their story has been told time and again, but this feature is a reminder of how quickly their popularity spread across a country nearly 40 times bigger than their homeland. Quite a feat in the pre-Internet days. –James

The Threads Wind Westward
This is a beautiful photo essay on one of my favorite websites, The Bitter Southerner. It’s all about the culture-defining photographs that Lawson Little has taken of country musicians for more than 40 years, in Nashville, L.A., and elsewhere. The photos are gorgeous, of course, but the story of Little – who, at 68, lives in Pensacola, Florida – is pretty incredible as well. –Jason

Two-Legged Chihuahua and Fluffy Chicken Best Friends
What is better than this story about unconventional friendship and love for Valentine’s Day? –Liz



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