The Seventh Annual Hall of Fame: Day Five

Another Hall of Fame week has come and gone, and in true Full Sail fashion it was bigger and better than ever before. “Full Sail is a microcosm of the entire entertainment industry,” said Department Chair for Entertainment Business and Music Business bachelor’s Israel Vasquetelle. Hall of Fame not only celebrates that statement, but magnifies it. This week was packed with amazing panels, meet & greets, and workshops for students to immerse themselves even deeper into their craft. Here are some highlights from the fifth and final day.

  • Grads Joshua Foster and Bianca Pernice sat down with a Hall of Famer in After You Walk: Two Recent Grads Talk with Leslie Brathwaite About Their Experiences. The post grad experience isn’t always glamorous—more often than not it’s a downright struggle. But it’s important to remember that every opportunity (no matter how small) is a chance to prove yourself. During the panel, Bianca mentioned one of the engineers at the studio where she interns said she was the best at washing dishes. “What you do when you have a little is what you’re going to do with a lot. If he can trust you with the dishes, imagine what he can trust you with a few months down the line,” said Leslie.
  • During Global Opportunities in the Entertainment Industry, Ashish Manchanda explained what he’s looking for when traveling abroad. “I’ve become a talent scout,” he said. “Everything is important, but talent is right on top.” Ashish then went on to share a story about a singer he found while vacationing on a cruise ship in Scandinavia. “The singer from the cruise band was fantastic,” he said. “She came to India the following week and we signed her and set her up with one of our music festivals.” 
  • During The Best VFX Are The Ones You Don’t Notice, Creative Director for Steamroller Studios Jalil Sadool explained, “The problem is you forget about all of the other guys who get the animators what they need. Luckily the studios are seeing this and improving their rigs. It’s a golden age now in entertainment, because games and TV are trying to catch up to the movies.”
  • In Troubleshooting and Problem-Solving for Games, Real-Time Effects Artist Keith Guerrette and Grant Shonkwiler discussed the changing practices in the game industry and how to go with the flow. “Developers are changing their process to frequently check in with their team,” said Keith. “It’s making things less risky, and making for better investments. If I’m checking in every week and you’re saying you like what I’m doing, that’s a better chance you’re to like the final product.”
  • It’s no surprise that AR/VR Technologies are changing the world, but it goes beyond just a fancy piece of headgear. “Binaural audio lets you get the full 360 degree sound experience,” said HTC Vive Prototyper Elbert Perez. “The cool thing about binaural is it works with just headphones, so you don’t need an expensive surround sound system.” Hall of Famer Chance Glasco added, “Sound is just as important as visual elements. The goal is to make you feel like you’re there.”
  • In 3300+Climbing: Behind Full Sail’s student-run artist development initiative, project coordinators for the initiative describe different challenges they’ve faced as entrepreneurs. “We were starting from the ground up and I’d never been involved in something from day one before. We had to carve out our own space on social media, make good decisions and then carry the weight of those decisions. It’s not a normal entrepreneurial experience because you have to take yourself out of that student mindset and actually become a professional in the industry right then and there. It was a challenge, but a great challenge,” said Full Sail grad Allison Struthers.
  • Lots of grads begin their tenure in the entertainment industry by working for free, but at a certain point, you have to begin scaling your rates to your level of expertise. Grad and owner of Stickman Sound Fernando Delgado described the benefit of charging more in Your Work Has Value! Make Sure You Get Paid for It!: “My goal is to go out every day, gain more experience, and get better at my craft. If I’m doing my job, the quality of my clientele should also go up. Increasing my rates over time does more than make me a little more money, it also weeds out the clients who are no longer on my level.”
  • Transitioning from the military to civilian life can be a challenge at any level, perhaps more so when you consider transitioning straight into a degree program. Grads and faculty with a military background discussed their personal journeys in A New Orientation: Transitioning from Military Life to College. “The military gave me a work ethic,” said grad Joshua Foster. “Full Sail gave me a focus, and a plan to reach my goals.”
  • In Building and Deploying Apps with Docker, a panel of industry leaders explored the powerful ways Docker can be used to refine the development process.
  • In Analyzing the Human Face for 3D Character Creation, facial rigger and Hall of Fame inductee Laurie Brugger broke down techniques for creating more expressive characters. She suggests starting with bony landmarks before moving deeper into the musculature of the face. From there, you can layer and add complexity. “Facial riggers tend to spend a lot of time looking at medical reference photos. It’s gross stuff, but really helpful to the process,” she said.
  •  Solutions Specialist from Microsoft, Tony Franklin, showcased a new slew of technology to come during the Microsoft Azure Cloud lecture. “This cloud conversation is not going away,” said Tony. “Azure is a more intelligent cloud. We’re collaborating on every front (development operations, management, application frameworks, etc.) to help you develop the next best thing.” Tony touched features of the cloud including security, analytics, development, and integration features.

The festivities for the induction ceremony kicked off around 4 p.m. at the outdoor stage. All of the past and present Hall of Famers, panelists, and industry partners made their way down the red carpet which led them right past a staggering sea of students. The ceremony itself was full of amazing moments that highlighted each inductee and their individual creativity. Block party hosts Dave Franko and Troy DeVolld kept the party going outside by giving away prizes – 70’s gameshow style. Students walked away with items such as a GoPro HERO, bicycles, gift cards, and even a Fender Stratocaster guitar. Near the end of the evening, Full Sail President Garry Jones received an award for 35 years of service to the school—which he promptly celebrated by crowd surfing across the audience.

The pinnacle moment, though, was the final unveiling of the 2015 class of Hall of Fame. As Garry dropped the curtain to reveal their digital placards, fireworks shot off above the stage for everyone to enjoy. It was a monumental way to end an even more monumental week. Who knows what will happen next year, but one thing is for sure – it’s going to have to be pretty epic to top this!

For recorded lectures and video of the ceremony from the Seventh Annual Hall of Fame, check out the Full Sail YouTube channel and join us on social media using the hashtag “FullSailHOF.”



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