The HUB Gallery Presents: “Magic and Mystery”

Last month’s quarterly HUB Gallery exhibition featured artwork aligned with the theme “magic and mystery.” Current students and faculty are invited to submit their work for these events, and there was quite a bit of diversity as pieces ranged from being hand-drawn with pen to digital creations. Online students are also eligible to participate.

After a brief introduction from Digital Arts & Design Program Director Eric Rosenfeld, four Best in Show awards were given out by guest judge Angelique Smith, Director of Faculty Affairs and Development.

Recipients of the awards were as follows:

  • Tim Long (Digital Arts & Design) for his haunting portrait of an elven woman entitled Shadow Maiden.
  • John Bainter (Digital Arts & Design) for his abstract twist on a classic story, The Dali of Oz.
  • Katia Arnaud (Digital Arts & Design) for her larger than life posters Tide, Candle, and Dust which encompassed “the perplexity and illusion of Death” and were inspired by Shakespearean plays.
  • Justin Kuder (Digital Arts & Design) for his eerie photograph The Disappearing Act which was created with the classic magic trick of smoke, but no mirrors.

Keep an eye on Connect for the next HUB Galley exhibition, and be sure to check out this quarter’s work in the FS2 lobby. Anyone interested in submitting their work should send an e-mail to Course Director Kim Lomas.

Explore more of our student-featured art pieces over on the Art of Full Sail Tumblr page.



One thought on “The HUB Gallery Presents: “Magic and Mystery”

  1. Yiwei Fu says:

    As we as know, art comes from life. I really want to know how did they design their works and where did they find the design inspiration. Anyways, I can feel their souls in their works. It’s unbelievable!

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