The Geek Guide, Part 1: Faculty Holiday Gift Picks

Chances are, if you’re working for or attending Full Sail University, you have some geek traits. This is not undesirable, since geeks have the most interesting hobbies and often end up getting paid for them.

 However, geeks come in many different styles. What your favorite geek wants for Christmas depends on their geek DNA and physical (or mental) age.

In the Geek Guide, Part 1, we look at gifts for Game Geeks and Stylish Geeks. Later this week, we’ll publish gift ideas for Music Geeks and Art Geeks in the Geek Guide, Part 2. 

We asked Full Sail instructors and staff members who fall into several of these categories what they dream about finding in their stockings. Here are their short lists:

Gifts for Game Geeks:

If you are both a gamer and a philanthropist (or you have one on your list), you might like the Humble THQ Bundle of games offered by THQ and recommended by FSO Support Specialist Joe Fleming. Depending on how generous you’re feeling, you can get up to eight blockbuster game titles. If you donate just $1 or more, you’ll get Company of Heroes and its expansions Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor, Darsksiders, Metro 2033, and Red Faction: Armageddon. If you donate more than the ‘average price’ (which has been fluctuating around $5.60), you also get Titan Quest, Red Faction: Armageddon Path to War DLC, and Saints Row: The Third. Donations go to Child’s Play Charity, the American Red Cross, or directly to THQ. All the games are Windows-only, accessed through Steam. Don’t delay on this Geek gift, however! There are only a few days left on this offer.

“You can pick your own price, and you can choose where this money goes once you make the purchase (if you want the game creators to get a dollar, then the rest to the charity or however you want to divvy up your donation),” said Fleming. “It is totally legit, and I actually made a donation today and received the games instantly.”

If you have a bigger budget, the Wii-U is an obvious gift for game lovers, says Robin Koman, Department Chair for Game Design Masters. “Beyond a line-up of great mainstream game releases (Nintendo World, Super Mario Wii-U, Rayman, and Wii-U Sports all look great) the marketplace also has some interesting titles, such as Trine 2,” said Koman.

Not in the market for a Wii-U? “The Mass Effect Trilogy is also available on the 360 and PS3 – awesome for those who missed all or part of the saga,” added Koman. “It’s a bargain for three great games!”

If you’re Secret Santa target happens to be a tabletop gamer, Koman suggests the Critical Hit LED D20 Die. It’s a 20-sided die that flashes red whenever you roll a ‘critical hit’ of 20.

Finally, for old school gamers, there’s the Nintendo Controller Backpack, recommended by Digital Literacy Associate Course Director Kellen Harkins. It comes with a warning: “… may induce uncontrollable fits of nostalgia….”

Gifts for the Stylish Geek:

Harkins also has lots of recommendations for stylish geeks. For adventurous types who have just sold their first multi-million dollar patent to investors, the Tron: Legacy Light Cycle is a reasonable choice. Although it’s been out since 2011, it’s not likely that everyone has been able to afford the $55,000 price tag. However, this bike will save you money on gas since it’s powered by an electric motor and custom lithium-ion batteries that can be charged in 30 minutes. The coolness lasts for up to 100 miles.

For girl geeks, Harkins highly recommends the online shopping site Her Universe. “It’s owned by Ashley Eckstein, otherwise known as Ashoka Tano from Clone Wars,” writes Harkins. “It’s for all the girls who can never find things for them!”

One of Harkins’ favorite items is the Princess Leia hoodie. It’s white, with the pattern of her famous silver belt around the waist. Best of all, its brown hood comes complete with side buns. “Yeah this labels you as a major geek, but what do we care?” says Harkins. “That’s the point! Be proud of your uniqueness!”

If the hoodie with side buns is a little over the top for you, Harkins recommends the Rebel Alliance Charm for a subtler look.

Finally, for geeks with cold hands but warm hearts, you might try these awesome USB Heated Gloves, recommended by Michael Corinella, Associate Course Director for the Technical Arts Department and Computer Animation.

Still not sure what to get your favorite geek? Get some inspiration from this blog by Digital Literacy Associate Course Director Desirai Labrada, who was featured in a Best Buy commercial called, ‘Gifts That Do: What Will Your Gift Do?’



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