‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Features the Work of 19 Full Sail Grads

The Dark Knight Rises hit theaters last week, bringing director Christopher Nolan’s epic vision of the Batman mythos to a close. The film is the culmination of an eight-year journey for the cast and crew of the trilogy, and we were pleased to see that this final chapter included the work of 19 Full Sail graduates from our Film, Recording Arts, and Creative Writing programs.

Among this group was longtime Christopher Nolan collaborator Gary Rizzo (Recording Arts grad and Hall of Fame inductee), who spoke to us earlier about his postproduction work on the series. We also heard from Jesani Drew and Sean Matthews, two Film grads who worked on the location shoots for The Dark Knight Rises as production assistants.

Jesani was on set during one of the film’s most critical sequences, when the Gotham City football field collapses after a devastating underground explosion. The scene was shot at Heinz Stadium in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, where he assisted in coordinating the tens of thousands of extras needed to fill seats.

“It was unbelievably cool,” he says. “We had to usher in about 50,000 people, then they were blowing up the floor, the players were getting pulled under, and Bane (the film’s main villain) comes out to give a speech.”

Not to be outdone, Sean Matthews helped out during the production’s stay in New York City, where a number of other major action sequences took place. This included complex shots involving iconic series vehicles like the “Tumbler” and the “Bat.”

“The scale of the shots they were pulling off was amazing,” Sean says. “We shut down Wall Street, and just going down there and seeing the Tumbler slide around – I felt so lucky to be a part of it.”

The hard work of the entire cast and crew has been a critical and commercial hit, with The Dark Knight Rises already grossing over $160 million in its first week of release. We’d like to congratulate the 19 Full Sail graduates who worked on its production, which included:

  • Ulysses Adams (Creative Writing; production assistant)
  • Jason Clee (Film; production assistant, uncredited)
  • Scott Toler Collins (Film; camera staff assistant)
  • George Daratany (Film; production assistant)
  • Jesani Drew (Film; production assistant)
  • Sarah Duryea (Film; production assistant)
  • Jeffrey J. Hart (Film; additional set production assistant)
  • Bryan P. Jones (Film; production assistant)
  • Santino S. Lamancusa (Film; production assistant)
  • Jordan Little (Film; additional production assistant, uncredited)
  • Sean W. Matthews (Film; office production assistant)
  • Michael Mowen (Film; crowd production assistant)
  • Sara Parra (Film; shipping assistant)
  • Patrick Redmond (Film; edge head technician)
  • Gary Rizzo (Recording Arts; sound re-recording mixer)
  • Jason Rueda (Film; production assistant)
  • Blake Steigerwald (Film; set production assistant)
  • Matt Stonish (Film; additional set dresser)
  • Wade Sullivan (Film; costume assistant, New York)



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