Teacher Strikes a Nerve with ‘Dark Side of Social Networking’ Post

There’s a line between networking and stalking. And because there are now so few degrees of separation between ‘friends’ and acquaintances, it can sometimes be easy for the ambitious to forget the whereabouts of that line.

Full Sail Course Director Kerry Gorgone recently wrote an article for the popular social media blog businessgrow.com called “You’re Creeping Me Out!” The Dark Side of Social Networking. In it, she talks about her recent experiences with social media hangers-on who come on too strong – or are blatantly using her to get to a prominent friend.

A contact who expresses honest enthusiasm or offers to promote your work is good, says Gorgone. An online acquaintance who sends personal texts to you at night or unsolicited gifts to your kids has crossed into the realm of the creepy, she points out.

Here’s an excerpt from “You’re Creeping Me Out!” The Dark Side of Social Networking:

Don’t ask for favors immediately. Nothing says “I’m using you” like friending me, then immediately asking how you should go about getting my close friend, Mr. New Media Celeb, to endorse your forthcoming project.  Immediately, I will realize that you only wanted to step over me. That’s not a pleasant feeling, and will actually undermine your ultimate goal of “getting in” with my close friend, who is sure to value my opinion about pitches from “mutual connections.”

So how do you develop a professional friendship online? Gorgone recommends letting things unfold naturally. She writes, “That’s the only way a genuine, lasting relationship can begin.”

To read Gorgone’s entire post on businessgrow.com, click here.

Good advice? Gorgone’s post was retweeted more than 600 times, received 93 comments and was shared more than 400 times on Facebook or LinkedIn. It was also linked to in a New York Times article. Gorgone, who teaches for Full Sail’s Internet Marketing master of science degree program, also writes for the Huffington Post on topics related to education, media and law.



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