Take Your Design From the Screen to Paper with Mama’s Sauce Founder Nick Sambrato [Photos]

Design Advice from Mama's Sauce Founder Nick Sambrato

If you missed last week’s DLXS presentation with Nick Sambrato – founder of letterpress shop Mama’s Sauce and Vice President of Business Development at Fiction – you missed hearing all of the “Secrets to the Sauce,” Nick’s tips for success in the industry. The dozen or so pieces of advice included bits like “be a transparent machine” and “meet opportunity with extraordinary effort” and were illustrated with Nick’s own industry stories … and a Beyonce meme or two. It was motiving and inspiring advice for anyone looking to embark on a successful journey as a creative post graduation.

“Advice for general success is a great complement to any student designer or student looking to get into the creative field,” says Nick. “It’s really important for students to have a real-world perspective: to be able to hear real stories, to get internships and get out there and get their hands dirty, and hear from people like me who have been doing this for awhile.”

We caught up with Nick after his presentation and got to talking about how important it is to him to inspire students and give them technical advice too. So we asked Nick to get a little bit more technical here and give us a few tips for how designers can take their work from the screen to the paper via Mama’s Sauce. Check out what he had to say below.

Make sure your design is spot-color friendly. Spot color is when every color is mixed and laid down on the paper separately. So a designer’s first check is to make sure that his or her work will print on Mama’s Sauce’s machines. “Spot color is solid color, not made up of CMYK and half-tones,” says Nick. “We can get into CMYK, but you would only want to do that if you’re going to get an aesthetic benefit out of it. It’s not going to print a Kodak-quality photo, it’s a letterpress photo.”

Set your file up correctly. We would explain it here, but everything you need to know about getting your file ready to go is over at mamassauce.com/terms. “The tips and terms will tell you how to translate what you’re learning digitally into what we do at Mama’s Sauce,” says Nick. “It’s almost like a little coursework for you as a designer to learn about outputting your design.”

Be open to suggestions. “To tie this into my talk [from last week], one of the points I made is Share Your Creation,” says Nick. “It takes a team to make anything great happen.” That said, you as the design expert need to be able to go into a print shop and trust the opinions of the print experts. “We’re out to bring your vision to life in the best way possible,” says Nick. “If you have a specific thing you want to accomplish, we can make that happen. So know you don’t have to be left alone to explore our Tips & Terms. If it’s confusing or you need help, submit your art early and we’ll help out. You’re going to hear our opinion as soon as you get it to us anyway.”

Main Image Above: Photo Credit F. Harvell, OccasionalPhoto.com