Students Work with Sony at NAB 2014

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference is one of the largest annual events for the audio/visual industry, bringing together artists, technicians, and manufacturers from throughout entertainment media to discuss the future of radio, television, and other broadcast technologies.

Industry leader Sony had a strong presence at 2014’s NAB, held this April in Las Vegas, and enlisted the efforts of a group of Full Sail students and staff to speak with attendees. Four students were hand-selected by Jackie Gardner (Production Team Manager for SPARK, Full Sail’s student production agency) for the opportunity, and acted as hosts at Sony’s floor space, which also featured the Full Sail On Tour truck – a 75-foot mobile unit that houses the technology installation “Full Sail Presents: A Real World Education Experience Powered by Sony 4K.”

This group was Hunter Haines (Film), Jordan Lauther (Digital Arts & Design), Claribel Ross (Film, Entertainment Business Masters), and Shane Ross (Recording Arts, Entertainment Business Masters).

full-sail-truck-nab-storyImage2Recording Arts/Entertainment Business student Shane Ross

The Full Sail On Tour truck is designed to bring the student experience to locations around the country, and provides a firsthand look at how art and technology combine to make entertainment and media projects come to life, from concerts to video games and more. Sherri Tantleff from our Industry Outreach department was also on hand working with the students, and was excited by the public response, as well as the performance of the team.

“We were swamped, I think we had over 1200 people pass through the truck on the first day alone,” she says. “I was really proud of our students, they did an amazing job speaking with everyone and representing Sony. They were the first thing people saw when they came to the Sony booth to see the equipment, and they all showed a lot of professionalism.”

full-sail-truck-nab-storyImage1Digital Arts & Design student Jordan Lauther

As Sherri explained, conferences like NAB offer a place for students to further explore the heart of their fields of study, as well as gives them valuable networking opportunities with the people leading the future of these industries.

“In our industry it isn’t always the easiest thing to meet these people because they are usually in their studios working,” she says. “There’s certain shows like this where everyone gathers together to meet and look at new equipment. You’re going to find all the top people selecting their gear for the next year, and it’s just a great place for students to come and learn how to speak with these professionals.”

full-sail-truck-nab-storyImage3Film student Hunter Haines



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