Students Use Crayola Crayons on New Full Sail Art Project [Video]

When you think of an art project where the artists are only allowed to use Crayola crayons as their implements, you do not think that it will also include lighters. And heat guns. And baking trays. At least we didn’t, until we witnessed 15 Computer Animation and Game Art students thinking outside of the box and using all of those items during the most recent Full Sail Art Project.

The project is similar to the one that took place back in September, when students created a new cover photo for our Facebook page and Art of Full Sail Tumblr using only Sharpies. This time around – instead of making one cohesive banner – the students worked together to create six separate 3’5″ x 1′ by 1′ panels.

Check out a video recap of the project below.



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