Students showcase their games and network at the Structure of Game Production Games Expo

Three student groups showcased their games at this month’s Structure of Game Production Project Expo. The Expo presentation are an open floor environment where guests can play student-made games and developers can share their insight (and war stories) with students who are earlier in the degree program.

Dino Ranglin asks players a simple question – have you ever wanted to catch a dinosaur? Honestly, can there be any response other than “yes” to such a question? Players capture dinosaurs and use them to take over their enemy’s village – and in doing so achieve prehistoric world domination.

Dragon’s Crossing brings players into a tournament to determine who will become the new king. All the dukes in the land must breed their best dragons in an effort to conquer their opponents and take the throne. Players must train their dragon to be the best of the best in order to have a shot at the crown.

Monster Dungeon Descent is a top-down, turn-based dungeon crawl RPG. Combining the combat and abilities of games like Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy, it also offers players both real-time and turn-based elements in the gameplay.