Students Recognized for Video Work at APSCU Conference

A group of Full Sail students, some of whom have since graduated, were recognized at the annual Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU) conference last month for their work on a video that they created for the company. The team was given the opportunity to create a video that told the history of APSCU and showcase their growth.

“They gave us a script and a basic outline of what they wanted, and we added pictures and sound effects to bring it to life,” said Recording Arts grad Jamal Berry, who was in charge of all audio components for the project.

The video was shown at the conference, and each of the students involved was recognized during a dinner ceremony.

“Normally I just turn in a project and I’m done with it.,” said Jamal. “It was weird to not be behind the scenes and have everyone staring at me, but it was pretty cool.”

The full list of students and grads who contributed to the project is outlined below:

  • Lenell Applewhite, Digital Arts & Design graduate
  • Jamal Berry, Recording Arts graduate
  • Lennon Cihak, current Music Production student
  • Kyle Hodgdon, Film graduate
  • Tam Huynh, Digital Arts & Design graduate and current Show Production student
  • Giancarlo Montano, Digital Arts & Design graduate
  • Colin Morris, Film graduate



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