Students Participate in 24-Hour Project Challenges at Hall of Fame

Everyone knows that good work takes time, and that’s especially true for individuals working in the entertainment industry. Movies, games, and albums can sometimes spend years in development, and often require huge teams of people to bring them to completion. But what if you were challenged to create a fully finished project in just 24 hours? During this year’s Sixth Annual Hall of Fame celebration, a number of Full Sail students pushed their creativity to the limits by participating in 24-Hour Projects spanning four areas of study– graphic design, audio remixing, film, and game design.

Each project kicked off with an information session where faculty representatives set parameters for participation. Some categories, like design and film, presented participants with a central theme or prop to work around, while audio and game students worked on songs or premises of their choosing. Students then had a single day to bring each project to life from start to finish. Winners in each category were chosen by a panel of faculty and distinguished alumni, including past Hall of Fame inductees.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this year’s 24-Hour Projects. You can check out some of the participants and their work below.


 “The Experiment” by The Sneaky Raccoons (Winner: Best Film and Best Cinematography)
Zach Gavin, Anthony Gizzi, Shawn Lawhead, Justin Diaz, Mitchell Poljak, Dustin Power

Post Paradise” by Atlas (Winner: Best Actor and Best Actress)
Christian Allen, Trent Arant, Bailey Norman, Chris York, Sarah Salaverria, Nathaniel Tucker, Ryan Borel, Julian Velez, Nicholas Ruggles, Alexander Seith, Grant Mitchell, Scott Anderson, Katelyn Springman, Thomas Kalament, Rick Ramos, Christina Keller

Insignificant” by Double A (Winner: Best Writing)
Scott Neal, Yudhistira Israel

The Station” by The Fellowship (Winner: Best Use of the Prop or Line of Dialogue)
Justin Olsen, Danny Pyle, Michael Tilley, William Piscotta, Charly Vandedrinck, Natalie Ayers, Ross Bogden

“No Ideaz” by BanHammers (Honorable Mention)

Remember” by 1509
Alex Pfander, Victoria Yurillo, Benjamin Scribner, Sebastian Rossel, Tyrone Evans, MAria Gonzalez, Gerry Newsome, Gabe Gerhardt

Special congratulations to The Sneaky Raccoons. As a result of their win, the team was treated to dinner with a faculty member. They selected Film Lab Instructor and Hall of Fame inductee Larry Katz, who described the experience as “a privilege.”


“Breaking bread with this group of talented, creative young filmmakers really reaffirmed why I decided to come back to Full Sail as an instructor,” said Larry. “Together they make a formidable team, and I’m thrilled that they found each other. I’m really looking forward to the content that The Sneaky Raccoons will create the rest of their time at Full Sail and beyond.”

Game Design

Minions of Fenrir



Graphic Design

Cierra Woodard
Timothy Long
Daniela Sora
Andrea Sanchez
Rachel Ferguson
Nicholas Perreault
Laura Noriega
Senpia Mizore
Joshua Meyer
Karly Estes
Juna Macellari
John Bainter
Jennifer Price
Imagi Mana
Joseph Gasco
Jose De La Vega
Dee Walkins
David Werling
Aaron Fisher
Christina Ortiz
Kyle Lindsey

 Audio Remixing

Danielle Drucker
William Hirsch (Winner)
Marcelo Martin
Avery McFarland
Sudeep Sinha (Winner)
Bryan Taylor