Students Learn About Unit Testing During Presentation by the Central Florida Web Developer User Group

Code – it’s a term that is sure to resonate with anyone who’s put even a minimal amount of time and energy into developing a website, whether that resonation manifests itself in the form of a warm memory or a spine-chilling recollection of the ultimate crunch-time nightmare. Regardless of what web developers might feel about coding, they all will agree that it’s an absolutely essential part of the process that sees a website evolve from its original concept to a successful launch.

Students recently got the opportunity to put their code to the test during a visit from the Central Florida Web Developer User Group. With a mission to maintain the professional and personal development of its members through presentations, discussions, and exercises that advance technical skills and teach new web development methodologies, CFWUG (and its founder Aaron Greenle) know a thing or two about the best coding practices.

During his presentation, Greenle spoke to students about the importance of unit testing, a software verification and validation method in which a programmer tests if individual units of source code are fit for use. Greenle’s presentation reviewed the process of writing unit tests for a variety of programming languages, as well as the method by which unit testing framework can be adopted by users in order to accelerate the development process of a website.