Student’s hip-hop radio station breaks through in China

Music Business student Jerry Doby is somebody who just doesn’t sit still. He’s a freelance publicist, a National Guard soldier still on active duty (he’s been deployed six times), and managing partner of SwurvRadio, a worldwide, award-winning online urban music station.

Doby can also add international negotiation to his resume. Doby spent months working with the Chinese government and content and marketing hub, MusicDish, to strike a deal with MusicDish*China, which will build and manage SwurvRadio’s online and social media presence in China.

While is a highly successful U.S.-based online station and website that offers music, music news, music videos, celebrity DJs, and themed programming, the site had to recreate its entire presence for the Chinese market.

SwurvRadio works with China’s most popular portals like Sina Weibo (comparable to Twitter and Facebook) and music site Douban, as well as popular media sites in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

For the SwurvRadio team, the entrée into China is just the latest success for this very ambitious station.

The station boasts an international audience of 10,000 listeners per day in more than 175 countries, with shows originating from the U.S., Canada, Belgium and the U.K.

The station has been honored with Microsoft’s Windows Media Guide Editor’s Pick several times in 2011, it was nominated for the 2011 A&R Award from the United DJ Alliance, and it was recently nominated for 2011 Southern Entertainment Alliance Award in the top Internet/Satellite Radio category, its 3rd nomination for this award.

In addition to going directly to the website, you can find SwurvRadio on iTunes radio, Windows Media, TuneIn radio (an Android application), and on Nokia phones.

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