Students from The Monterrey Institute of Technology Visit Campus

Earlier this month, Full Sail University invited students from The Monterrey Institute of Technology, or Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), to take part in a three-day event that included workshops and a tour of campus.

ITESM, which has 25 campuses across Mexico that offer undergraduate to doctorate degrees, also provides high school students the opportunity to prepare for career-based educational fields. Upon completion of the program, students can elect to immediately enroll at Full Sail through our partner school relationship.

Throughout this month’s event, 24 Monterrey-based students sat in on interactive presentations covering topics like audio engineering, media communications, film directing, film set operations, and movie make-up tutorials.



In addition to taking a look inside a few specific career options, they also received practical advice about entering the world of arts and entertainment.

In a discussion about the film industry, Hall of Fame Inductee and course instructor Larry Katz explained: “Everyone’s got a different path, and if you want to work in film production, you’ve got to understand that it’s difficult and very competitive. What you’re trying to do is unconventional, and it can be frustrating that there’s not a perfect formula to say ‘this is how you do it.’ You need to have open eyes about that when you go into it.”

He added, “But I’m here to tell you that you can find something you like to do. There’s a way to have both a job and a fun life.”

Amanda Lach, Full Sail’s Transcript and Transfer Manager, accompanied the students to some of the workshops. “It’s been great,” she said. “The best thing has been seeing how, even though the students are all in similar programs, they have different passions. It’s definitely interesting to see them perk up at different times.”

ITESM student Diego Nishizawa, who aspires to work in the film industry, said he had a great time during the entire three-day event, and that he really enjoyed touring the facilities and taking classes.