Student’s Feature Film is Based on His Own ‘Haunted House’ Story

Music Production student Dan Brown, Jr. is happy to tell you about his experiences living in a haunted house. In fact, he made a feature-length film, 1108, loosely based on his brief stay in a Victorian mansion-turned-apartment building located in his hometown of Alton, Illinois.

Alton, says Dan, is renowned as ‘one of the most haunted towns in America’ due to its Civil War history and was featured on Ghost Hunter in 2010. Dan says he lived in apartment ‘1108’ with his girlfriend about a decade ago. “I grew up [in Alton], and I never experienced anything until I moved into this house,” says Dan, who described mysterious noises, doors slamming, and dishes crashing to the ground. “We only lasted [about] 90 days in this place.”

Besides writing the film, Dan scored and recorded its music and did all of his own sound design. A self-taught filmmaker, he also was also the film’s director, director of photography, casting director, and associate producer (along with his wife).


Dan, who is graduating from the Music Production bachelor of science degree program in November, says he made the film to tell his story, but also to serve as a vehicle to show off his skills in sound for film. The online student lives in Los Angeles and says his goal is to work in post-production and sound design. Dan’s film is in post-production and he plans to shop it to film festivals in 2014.