Students & Faculty Produce ‘DCBS-TV’ Episodes

In the control room adjacent to the middle soundstage in Building 4D, Digital Cinematography I Course Director Kyle Frazer is making sure all of his crew members are ready to go live. A small group of students seated at a table in the back watch intently.

Digital Cinematography Program Director Bob Truett pokes his head in the room. “Two minutes until we’re live,” he says. “Everyone good?”

The feed goes live to an online audience and everyone in the control room watches the monitors while across the hall, Entertainment Business Department Chair Victoria Hernandez interviews Al Schlesinger (a frequent Full Sail guest) about his decades of experience as an entertainment attorney. Kyle whispers directions in his camera operators’ headsets, encouraging them to widen and tighten their shots as he switches back and forth between them. Later on in the show, a crew member that has been monitoring the Livestream feed sends viewer questions over to Victoria’s iPad, and Al directly addresses his online audience. The hour-long show ends without any major production hiccups.

This isn’t part of a class project, but rather a live episode of DCBS-TV, a web series that airs worldwide via Full Sail’s Livestream channel. The Digital Cinematography faculty has been producing episodes of the show for about a year now, but the series has recently evolved to give faculty members and students from other degree programs the opportunity to pitch content ideas work behind-the-scenes on its live production.


According to Bob, the new goal is to use DCBS-TV as a vehicle for creating content for classes in other degree programs. Program Directors can request topics and guests for DCBS-TV episodes, and the shows will then be archived for use in future classes. April’s Al Schlesinger episode was requested by the Music Business program, and the Entertainment Business and Media Communications programs have had their guests take part in past episodes as well.

“If we can connect them with DCBS-TV, they’re getting content for their classes and they’re also getting the experience [of working on a live TV show],” says Bob. “We want to show how you can create your own content – with the bigger goal of creating a network for the school.”

In addition, students and faculty members are now able to volunteer on the DCBS-TV crew. They’re asked to give a four-month commitment, says Bob, which involves a welcome meeting, training session, shadowing DCBS faculty members during episodes, and eventually, a spot on the crew, working on camera, lighting, audio, production, and more. Students from the Show Production, Film, and Entertainment Business programs have volunteered so far – other students interested in the opportunity should email (Digital Cinematography online students who visit during the department’s quarterly Meet ‘n Greets will get to shadow crews as well.)

The DCBS-TV set (pictured above) was remodeled over Spring Break, and it will makes its debut when the next DCBS-TV episode airs in the coming month. Information on future DCBS-TV episodes will be available on the program’s Facebook page.