Students Attend Red Bull Fourth Phase Premiere on-campus

Full Sail students recently filled the Entertainment Auditorium to view Fourth Phase: A Red Bull Film, and participate in a conversation with the film’s lead editor and principal cinematographer, Justin “Chip” Taylor Smith.” The Fourth Phase team also included 2013 Film grad Kasey Day and 1994 Recording Arts grad Joseph “Jo” Rossi, faced multiple road blocks during the course of their shoot. The film, which features various snow-capped mountainous locations around the world, was shot and assembled as the crew was moving forward in the process. It was edited over the course of 2015

“You definitely need to know how to snowboard to be a cameraperson on this type of film,” Smith said of the challenging conditions he and his crew faced during production. “We take safety into consideration and take avalanche safety courses. You need to know how to operate in the mountains and you have to be able to operate in an uncomfortable situation.”

Talking to students about how he became a lead for Red Bull Films, Smith said that his path was not the most traditional. Smith said that he did go to college for a semester, but ultimately ended up dropping out for a more hands on experience.  He added that he didn’t have the educational opportunities that Full Sail gave it’s students. He left students with a piece of advice that he follows to this day.

“If you really, really believe in an idea. Fight for them,” said Smith.