Student Club Spotlight: The Producer’s Guild

There’s a special brother (and sister) hood in The Producer’s Guild, a group of Recording Arts students who share a common interest in creating and composing original beats. The group meets on the second Thursday of every Full Sail Month to critique each other’s work, discuss technical issues like compression and leveling, and get pumped up and inspired about the music production process in general.

“The club unites Recording Arts students with a common interest,” says Karlos Colon, the club’s faculty advisor and a Recording Arts Associate Course Director. “Basically, it’s about people in month nine looking out for people that are in month two.”

One of the highlights of The Producer’s Guild is the club’s monthly Beat Battle, which happens at the Diesel Bean Cafe on the first Wednesday of every Full Sail month. Open to all students, the battle pairs beat-makers head to head to showcase their new instrumental compositions in a tournament-style setting, with crowd response picking the winner.

If you’re interested in joining The Producer’s Guild, send an e-mail to, or check out their booth at tomorrow night’s SCA Networking Summit.



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