Student Club Spotlight: The International Student Society

The goal of the International Student Society is to promote understanding and acceptance of the many different cultures represented by Full Sail’s diverse student body. What began just a few years ago as a small social group now includes over 1,000 members who participate in a mixture of recreational and career-oriented events.

The ISS is composed of online and campus students from all cultures – American included. “We’re not only about international students,” says Antonio Salvatore Pecoraro, the club’s former president. “We do have some American students who come to our events, and would actually love to have more American people get involved. We’re all about diversity and knowing people from different cultures.”

Often, members remain involved even after graduation. “It’s a great way for current students to network with people out in the industry,” says current president Alejandro Lavelli. Just last year, for example, Alejandro interviewed Latin GRAMMY nominated producer and Full Sail grad Julio Bagué during a campus GPS event. “Because of that,” says Salvatore, “a friend of mine from Chile actually got an internship with him.”

Providing educational and enrichment opportunities is important to the ISS. Other such activities on the horizon include an OPT workshop – to provide peer-to-peer advice regarding the legalities of post-graduation work opportunities – and an international cultural fair. The fair, which is tentatively scheduled for mid-June, will feature booths with information about different countries, interviews in which students can share stories about their cultures, and a live music contest allowing students to perform original work for a panel of judges.

Later in the year, the ISS will host a Cross-Project Summit, the first student-led event of its kind on campus. “The idea is for students to come and present their projects if they need people from different programs with different skills,” Salvatore explains. For example, there could be a guy in Recording Arts who wants to do something with Film, but doesn’t have a way to meet film people. Or maybe there’s someone making a game in Game Art but doesn’t have a sound person. That’s one of the main reasons I came to this school. To network with people from all areas of entertainment and content creation.”

The ISS also regularly hosts open meetings (to share ideas and provide feedback), social activities (such as mini-golf, bowling, and movie outings), monthly mentorship orientations (for students interested in becoming ISS mentors), and family-style holiday celebrations.

The club is currently accepting applications for new leadership. Open positions include secretary, assistant student life coordinator, and social media coordinator. To apply or to learn more about joining the club, visit the International Student Society on Connect.



8 thoughts on “Student Club Spotlight: The International Student Society

  1. saadaqah says:


  2. Hou Meng Zambrano says:

    I think That is really amazing that the international students get together to talk, and share information about their programs. I think getting into this group is the best way go make friends.

  3. disqus_mVGeUbHzkn says:

    For me, is increíble that al the internacional students get together in one room, talking, laughing! And I wish to be part of the club one day! Because that club is amazing! I think hahaha.

  4. disqus_mVGeUbHzkn says:

    For me, is increíble that al the internacional students get together in one room, talking, laughing! And I wish to be part of the club one day! Because that club is amazing! I think hahaha…

  5. disqus_ZmGW2syThD says:

    I think ISS program is practically to international students. It is good to get a information and receive a news. Also, it was helpful to me.

  6. Rhuan Santos says:

    I think the ISS is a great community and help the new international students a lot. The ISS help introduce a new student in the community this is really good, because have people the different countries and different cultures. Also we can learn e meet new people and cultures.

  7. 劉世萱 says:

    I am an international student, and I think it is really amazing, that make internationally student get to talk to each other, share your story, program, and your life with other, get into this group might be the best way to make some new friends.

  8. 叶晓铜 says:

    I think ISS is a good way. There have a lot of international students. When Full Sail has new students come, they can ask what they don’t know in ISS. There will have people willing to help you. You can post your story, what you need to help and meet some friends. ISS is really amazing.

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