Student Club Spotlight: PRIDE

The name of this student club says it all: Peers Respecting Individuality, Differences, and Equality. PRIDE is Full Sail’s gay/straight alliance – a group of like-minded people who gather to talk about important issues within the LGBTQIAN community.

PRIDE meets once a month, usually on campus in building 3F. “It’s a chance to network in a safe environment,” explains club President Adam Kuta. “It’s also a good opportunity to meet people outside of your degree program.”

“When you walk in, ” says staff sponsor Liz George, “even though it may be your first meeting, everyone is so amazingly accepting. It’s great to see students feel like they belong, not only in school, but with a group of their peers.”

And because inclusivity is PRIDE’s cornerstone, online students are encouraged to join as well. “We always have GoTo Meetings available,” Adam offers. “I feel like a lot of online students want to participate, and that was a big thing for me, as president, to integrate.”

The club also hosts a quarterly event called Safe Zone Training, a seminar (for GPS points) that shines light on oft-unspoken issues. “We talk about LGBTQIAN terminology, what to do if someone comes out to you, how to handle prejudice, stuff like that.” Adam explains. “It’s just a really informative, discussion-based seminar.”

Currently, PRIDE is holding elections for new leadership; submission forms are available online and will be accepted from April 13 to April 27. Available positions include president, campus vice president, online vice president, secretary, and social media specialist. All students are eligible to run for office.

Anyone interested in joining or learning more can check out PRIDE on Connect, Facebook, or at the monthly SCA Networking Summit in Full Sail Live.



2 thoughts on “Student Club Spotlight: PRIDE

  1. Mr. Dave says:

    LGBTQIAN?! What is the I and the A and the N standing for?!

  2. bbf says:

    not sure for the I and N but i know for sure that the A stands for Asexual and Aromantic

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