Student Club Spotlight: Pre-Law Society

Full Sail’s Pre-Law Society student club is sort of like an academic support group for students who want to go (or who are thinking about going) to law school.

The group’s mission is to clear up any misconceptions about the legal profession, says Victoria Hernandez Esq., the club’s faculty advisor and the Department Chair of the Entertainment Business and Music Business bachelor’s degree programs.

“We go over the entrance requirements for law school, complete practice LSAT [the law school entrance exam] questions together, and discuss what students can be doing now in undergrad to prepare,” says Victoria. “If there are students who are just interested in entertainment law in general, we’ll teach them how to analyze entertainment situations based on the laws that would affect most contracts.”

Recent Pre-Law Society meetings have included a Q&A with entertainment attorney (and Full Sail advisory board member) Al Schlesinger, and video conferences with grads (and former Pre-Law Society members) who are currently in law school, who answered questions about what the experience is like. In the future, Victoria hopes to get students involved in mock trials, either at the old courthouse at the Orange County Regional History Center or at one of Central Florida’s local law schools.

“I’ve had several students who I’ve worked with personally –mainly from [Full Sail’s] Business schools – who are in law school now,” says Victoria. “I know there are definitely students here who are at least interested in becoming agents, and that’s why they need to know about law.”

The club recently elected new student leaders, and the group plans to meet at least once a month, with meetings also being streamed via GoTo Training for online students. Students who are interested in joining the Pre-Law Society can learn more about the club over on Connect.

Pictured above are students Travis Eaton and Dylan Schimka, instructors Kris Nichols and Elizabeth Young, and attorney Al Schlesinger.